Holy Week and Easter 2019

Holy Week

Stay here and keep watch with meimage.png
the hour has come;
Stay here and keep watch with me
watch and pray.

These are the days of awe, beloved. They are days to regain our balance... to return to what matters... to hear our story again with new ears and eyes. Holy Week is about connecting our stories with God's story. They are the most beautiful liturgies of the year. They help make it all real once again.  The hour has come. Watch, pray, and be made new.

foot washing 1 by mattjsawMaundy Thursday

Thursday, April 18 | 6:30pm
Brown bag dinner at 5:30pm

We began Lent by confessing our sin and being marked with ashes. On this night we gather as Jesus’ disciples to receive a personal word of forgiveness as from the Lord himself. 

In obedience to Jesus’ command to love one another, we bare our feet (or our hands) and allow them to be washed by one of our sister or brothers in faith. We celebrate the last supper — the meal he instituted on the night in which he was betrayed. Just as Jesus was stripped of his clothes as he was led to the cross, the night ends in total darkness with the stripping of the altar, as all the beautiful adornments in the church are put away, preparing us for the starkness of Good Friday. 

IMG 0066

Good Friday

Friday, April 19 | 6:30pm
Brown bag dinner at 5:30pm

On the surface, it might seem crazy to refer to the day that Jesus died as “good.” But while it is a solemn day, Good Friday is not the “funeral Jesus never had.” Christians see the cross as a sign of triumph—God’s victory over death. 

In that spirit, we pray the Bidding Prayer on this night, an ancient prayer that commends everyone and everything we can think of to the loving arms of Jesus. The night concludes as a simple, wooden cross is brought into the sanctuary, and each worshiper is invited to come forward and “pay their respects,” so to speak: to bow before it, touch it, kneel or sit near it for a while, or lay down some symbol of life’s burdens at its feet.

IMG 0113The Great Vigil of Easter

Saturday, April 20 | 6:30pm
Dinner for choir and worship leaders at 5:30pm

The Easter Vigil is the most solemn and joyful service of the entire church year.  At sundown on night before Easter, Christians gather for a service that can only be described "pulling out all the stops" - a celebration of Easter that uses every tool in the toolbox to say "Jesus Christ is Risen!"

vigil1We begin outside to light the new fire, proclaiming to the world that Christ is our light in the darkness. We bless the new Easter Candle and process into the church where we hear the great stories of salvation retold by candlelight using music and drama. We will re-affirm our own baptismal promises to live as God's people in the world. Finally, the lights come on, bells ring, and we share in the "feast of victory of our God" in Holy Communion.

easterlilywithcrossThe Resurrection of Our Lord

Sunday, April 21 

8:30 AM | Easter Breakfast

9:30 AM | Festival Eucharist*

Death is never the end of the story for God’s people. On this festival day we marvel in the wonder that Christ is risen from the dead!  We hear the astonishing story of the empty tomb, breathe in the fragrance of the Easter lilies, sing some of our favorite hymns, let the “alleluias” fly, and share in the “feast of victory for our God” in Holy Communion. 

* Please note that the Easter Sunday service is one hour earlier than our normal service.

10:45 AM | Easter Egg Hunt