Staff & Leadership

Niketh HeadshotTHE REV. JON NIKETH, Pastor

Church Office: 781-598-0481
Parsonage Office: 781-584-6631

Pr. Jon is eager to meet with you for conversation, prayer, pastoral concerns, or simply to share coffee or lunch. You will often find him in the church office but he is always available by appointment. 


davidDAVID GREATRIX, Director of Music Ministry

Office: 781-598-0481

Contact David with any questions about our music ministry, including the Choir, instrumental ensembles, Sunday School singers, and special hymn festivals and concerts.

jack kingJACK KING, Sexton and Rental Liaison

Phone: 978-977-9173

Contact Jack with any questions related to community groups and other renters using church space, for information on our rental policies, and with concerns related to the building, property, inspections, and permits. 

Congregation Council

First Lutheran Church is not a top-down organization. The Congregation Council is the elected leadership team of our community and works alongside the Pastor to sustain and grow our ministry and to serve as examples of Christian faith and life. It is also charged with the care of our institutional resources, such as our building and finances. 

The Council meets on the third Thursday of each month, and all business is conducted in a spirit of prayer, and concludes with sharing Holy Communion. Our leadership team for 2021 is:

  • John Benedict, President
  • Barbara Cox, Vice President
  • Rob Stewart, Secretary
  • Bill Cohan, Treasurer
  • David Dixon, Financial Secretary
  • Linda Donahue
  • Ed Stafford
  • Nancy Tobin